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Reviews: Testimonials

Alain is an amazing physio and I cannot recommend him enough! He had not only helped me with my back issue but helped me to come up with ways to manage it in the future. He is very knowledgeable and I felt really took my issue to heart to help me with it. Best physio I've seen!

Lauren Riniker

Friendly and professional! I went because of knee pain and Alain knew exactly what the cause was and how to help it. I am in no way an athlete, and he explained everything perfectly so I understood what was going on. I can highly recommend Alain!

Jenny Carlquist

Honestly amazing!! I have been seeing Alain at ACE physiotherapy bethnal green (formally also known as MSK clinic Physio Bethnal green) since February. Alain has been truly marvellous. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a skilled physiotherapist. He was inquisitive and proactive in getting to the root of the problem and treated my symptoms effectively. He really has a magical touch! I saw quick improvement and pain relief after each session. I will be back to see Alain with any future issues and I recommend him to anyone!! Thanks Alain for treating me so well :)

Lara Mears-Dagan

"I am so grateful to have had Alain on the physio team during the incredibly intense process of shooting Cats the movie.
He's an intelligent therapist and very thorough in his methodology.
His background in dance gives him an innate understanding in what 'a dancer' needs both physically and physiologically. 
He has a very caring nature and can see the important relationship of a healthy mind and a healthy body.
I would highly recommend Alain and feel very lucky to have received such great treatment over the last 6 months.... Thank you!"

Clemmie Sveaas

Alain is the complete practitioner. Humble in his approach, charming in his manner, his ability to address both the physical and psychological needs of his patients is outstanding and very much addresses each individual's requirements. I have had the privilege to see this first hand as Alain has single handedly restored my mother's confidence in her ability to walk and live her life again after a ravaging illness. We have had no hesitation in recommending him to others, again with excellent responses.

Susy Prosser-Harries

On the 8th Aug 2019 I fractured my right femur and had a dynamic hip screw operation. I"m an Australian who was visiting his son who lives in the UK. Once I was discharged from hospital I had to find a private physio to continue my rehab. I searched for the nearest physio to where my son lives and found Alain. When he came the first time to my sons apartment he was so kind and empathetic to my condition.

He spent time talking to me about what to expect in my recovery and how important it is to look after your mental health as you go through the journey of recovery.

I had 6 sessions with Alain before I was repatriated back to Australia.
He gave me simple exercises to increase my mobility and increase the strength of my injured leg. Every session he just built on the last one, with him telling me to push that inch further , do one more rep and at the same time adding further exercises. He gave me so much encouragement along the way,

I personally have never met such a kind and talented physio in my life.
He was always punctual and not a clock watcher and gave me all the time required for my recovery.

Brian Bell

I met Alain the Physio on the recommendation of a gym colleague 3 years ago and I’ve not looked back! I’ve sustained different injuries due to writing for eternity in wrong sitting positions, gym injuries etc. Often seeing him when the pain is at diabolical levels I’ve always left feeling healed and in a few days the ailment vanishes. Usually from a SINGLE treatment he’s that great. 4 of my friends have seen him since and had same results. But I must state that some injuries might need more visits but by Jove he is by far the best with insurmountable experience and learned knowledge. And a warm bedside manner if that’s what it’s called. Likeable chap.

Another key point is he’s available 24/7 including weekends and in the dead of the night. Treatment is there for those that need it so why wait.

However there is a fault. Access to his studio during opening hours (you can always call him when the studio is closed) is misleading. To find the studio best look for Witan Street E2 and walk to the end of it, very short street, and it’s inside the complex in the gym. Very very highly recommended.

Patrick Adichie

A truly professional and approachable physiotherapist. It’s so fantastic to have Alain looking after my body, my active lifestyle is able to carry on thanks to his knowledge and amazing treatment skills. Thank you!!!

Matt Thompson

Alain is the most professional physio I have ever visited. I have been going to him for well over a year now, and have honestly never been disappointed. He has helped me immensely with my back and shoulder problems and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Yasmin Mahboubi

I have been treated by Alain on numerous occasions for both new injuries as well as ongoing issues. Alain has been just amazing every time and I would highly recommend him to anyone because of his unique approach and welcoming and warm personality. He is very methodical and always ensures that I understand how to deal with my presenting problems. I have nicknamed him magic hands!


Andrew Pan (Dancer Akram Khan)

Alain is a true professional - he knows his stuff as well as being warm and engaging. He helped me with a painful shoulder injury which has now fully recovered and I’m back working out at the gym.

Neil Farrelly

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